Thursday, September 01, 2005

Treatment Advocacy Center launches new web blog

The staff of the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) is pleased to announce the launch of BLOGTAC, which will focus on the issues surrounding lack of treatment for severe mental illnesses and the need for more humane treatment laws.

Since its inception, the Treatment Advocacy Center has worked to inform and educate, to change ineffective treatment laws and policies and the long-held misconceptions that keep them from being improved and used. Founding president Dr. E. Fuller Torrey noted that TAC exists in part to:

… educate the legal profession, media, and general public that the failure to treat individuals with severe psychiatric disorders is a major reason so many end up homeless, in jails, and being victimized. And that failure to treat leads to episodes of violence that, in turn, are the greatest cause of stigma against individuals with psychiatric disorders. Above all, we must continue to be a coordinating center to geographically link those affected, their families, state legislators, and local media to work together on these problems. [“Truth and courage: Looking ahead for TAC”]
TAC’s web blog will be another means of connecting and communicating, another way to educate and build awareness. We will keep you posted on our efforts, bring context to stories in the news, and shine light both on laws and policies that are working to help people with severe untreated mental illnesses, as well as those that are failing.