Monday, September 26, 2005

Wait until he "escalates"

More details on the sad story of John Hyde, who allegedly killed 5 people in New Mexico in mid August. His family is speaking out about how they tried to get him help but the system failed them.

Robert Hyde then said he spent two weeks trying to contact his brother's psychiatrist, even hand delivering three copies of a letter to Presbyterian doctors and therapists, asking for help for his brother and detailing his bizarre behavior.

He said his brother often became disoriented, was incapable of focusing on simple tasks, listened to satanic music and turned the heat up in his house to above 100 degrees.

On April 27, Presbyterian officials had Hyde picked up and taken to the hospital. He was released after four hours. Robert Hyde said when he questioned his brother's therapist about the decision he was told that they would have to wait until John Hyde "escalates."

Of course, now that he meets the criteria for intervention, 5 people are dead and he is headed to prison.