Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A mother speaks

There are too many stories about mothers with untreated severe mental illnesses who kill their children – and too few answers to the questions of “why?”.

You rarely hear directly from the mothers themselves, people like Andrea Yates or Lashaun Harris.

An unusual jailhouse interview with Naomi Gaines sheds some light … Gaines threw her 14-month-old twin sons into the river in St. Paul and then jumped in after them. She and one of the babies were rescued.
"I know how I was feeling that day. I know I was not the same Naomi who got up with my kids a million times before and fed them and bathed them and walked them and breast-fed them and cared for them," she says. "I wasn't that same person. So I know that I would never hurt them if I had had my sanity."

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