Tuesday, February 14, 2006

News roundup

In the news this week ...

  • A man who was off medication for bipolar disorder beat and stabbed 4 members of his family, including his 18-month-old nephew – when police arrived, they shot and killed him. The child is in critical condition, the other family members all survived.
  • A woman who killed her infant daughter is in court, pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. She was off medication for bipolar disorder when she cut off the 10-month-old girls’ arms to “give her to god.”
  • A family worries that a son with schizophrenia who killed his father will soon be released and continue his cycle of going off medication and becoming violent. "He finally got the help he needed after years and years of us going to court and trying to get him hospitalized," his mother said. But he has a history of going off medication soon after being released from care.