Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Four appointed to TAC board of directors

Treatment Advocacy Center President E. Fuller Torrey announced the appointment of four new members to TAC’s board of directors. The newest board members bring extensive experience in law enforcement, mental health advocacy, community psychiatry, and business development, as well as personal and family experience with mental illnesses:

* Donald F. Eslinger, Sheriff of Seminole County, Florida.
* Valerie Fox, advocate and writer, New Jersey.
* Jeffrey Geller, M.D., director of public sector psychiatry and professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
* Stephen Segal, president of Family Partners, Inc., Pennsylvania.
"We are pleased to welcome people of such caliber to be stewards for this unique advocacy organization," said TAC president E. Fuller Torrey, MD. "Each has shone not only in his or her chosen field, but also as an advocate for people with severe mental illnesses too ill to fight for themselves. Their collective wisdom, expertise, and passion are an important addition to our board of directors, and will strengthen our ability both to defeat laws and policies that are barriers to treatment and to campaign for practices that ensure timely and sustained treatment."

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