Monday, May 22, 2006

Treatment Advocacy Center honors three of psychiatry's heroes

The board of directors of the Treatment Advocacy Center today announced that Dr. Jeffrey Geller from Massachusetts, Dr. H. Richard Lamb from California, and Dr. Darold Treffert from Wisconsin are the winners of its annual Torrey Advocacy Commendation.

“TAC can change laws and encourage treatment, but ultimately it is the mental health professionals who have to make it happen,” said psychiatrist and board president Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, for whom the award is named. “Psychiatrists such as Drs. Geller, Lamb, and Treffert, and psychologists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses who have a special interest in the severely mentally ill are the bedrock of the system. The battle for treatment is one that they wage every day in ways large and small. It is an effort and sacrifice that should not be ignored.”

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Read essays by the three winners and more on community psychiatry in a special issue of TAC's newsletter dedicated to community psychiatry.

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