Wednesday, June 21, 2006

“I don’t want Gregory’s death to have been in vain …”

The Katsnelson family continues to show unfathomable strength in fighting for better treatment laws in New Jersey.


They don’t want other families to go through what they went through – and they don’t want other families to so through what the Pituch family has gone through. Ronald Pituch killed his own mother before stabbing 11-year-old Gregory Katsnelson to death four years ago.

Cathy Katsnelson poignantly notes that getting legislation passed won’t heal her wound – that makes this family and others like them all the more heroic. They have chosen to turn their energies toward helping people who are very ill, when everyone might have expected them to focus on vengeance. And when the result still won’t erase their pain.

As Kendra Webdale’s mom noted: “It does not boost the ego of a grieving family to have a law named after the deceased. It honors the life of our beloved Kendra to dignify and restore some quality of life to those who suffer from an abhorrent disease not of their choosing.”