Friday, July 07, 2006

Short bits …

  • Pete Earley testified before a congressional hearing, saying that “he was appalled that the government refused to help his son's disorder but would punish him for it.” Earley’s book CRAZY is still a hot seller – get a copy for your vacation reading stack or get your book group to read and discuss.
  • Rockthepsychiatryvote on Dr. Torrey’s call to divorce mental illness from mental health
  • Alaska’s state supreme court in Myers corrected an oversight in state law, clarifying that a person’s "best interests" be taken into account when the state exercises its duty to protect an individual from themselves. (Most other state laws and the Treatment Advocacy Center’s Model Law for Assisted Treatment include similar determinations.) Myers is one of many cases decided each year in the state courts that has no real impact nationally, but can hopefully make a difference for some people in Alaska.
  • “The mental health consumer needs to recognize that liberty is precious, but not everyone in our cohort can "handle" liberty …”
  • Pam Wagner’s (coauthor of “Divided Minds”) recent blog entries on outpatient commitment are compelling reading, as she weighs honestly how she feels about it and hears from blog visitors what they think.

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