Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Laura's Law extended - now lets get it implemented

California's Laura's Law was extended to 2013 with a stroke of the Governor's pen on Friday. The bill (AB 2357) was overwhelmingly supported by California legislators (30-4 in the Senate and 65-5 in the Assembly).

California legislators sent a clear message about the county-determined program: California counties must help people with severe mental illnesses who are too sick to help themselves, and counties will be given more time to use a nationally proven program to do just that.

Nick and Amanda Wilcox - Laura's parents - are to be commended for their advocacy, as are the determined advocates at California Psychiatric Association, NAMI California, the California Medical Association, and a variety of supporters, from police chiefs to judges to editorial boards from the Los Angeles Times to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The California Treatment Advocacy Coalition and The Treatment Advocacy Center together produced "A Guide to Laura's Law" to help counties with implementation. We hope now that there is more time, people will get moving to bring this important treatment tool to those who need it most.

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MORE: Statement by TAC Executive Director Mary Zdanowicz: LAURA’S LAW EXTENDED TO 2013: California legislators overwhelmingly support mandating treatment to the sickest – counties have green light to help those with the most severe mental illnesses

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