Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kendra's Law on Dateline this Saturday

Tune in to Dateline this Saturday, January 2o, for a piece by Edie Magnus on the death of Kendra Webdale 8 years ago in New York. New York's widely successful "Kendra's Law" was named for her and is in place and helping people today because of the compassionate advocacy of the Webdale family.

Find your local channel and airtime on Dateline's website.


During assisted outpatient treatment (AOT):
  • 74% fewer participants experienced homelessness
  • 77% fewer experienced psychiatric hospitalization
  • 83% fewer experienced arrest, and
  • 87% fewer experienced incarceration.

Individuals in Kendra's Law were also more likely to regularly participate in services and take prescribed medication.

And AOT recipients endorsed the effect of the program on their lives. After receiving treatment, 75% reported that AOT helped them gain control over their lives, 81% said AOT helped them get and stay well, and 90% said AOT made them more likely to keep appointments and take medication.

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