Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Warning signs from VA Tech shooter

Lucinda Roy, Virginia Tech English Department, told Neal Conan on Talk of the Nation that the Virginia Tech shooter was a disturbed young man ... and that she had tried to get him some help to no avail.

"I just felt that he was a very depressed youth and seemed to be angry about some things and so I felt that there was some things I needed to do ... because that's what you're meant to do as a teacher ..."

"I contacted the police, contacted counseling, student affairs, the college to try to sound the alarm, and they felt that their hands were tied legally for various reasons ... as you probably know until someone actually threatens to do something, it can be incredibly difficult to make something happen ..."

We’ve heard this all too many times before - one Virginia mother asked “what do I have to do, have him kill someone to get him treatment?” shortly before her son killed her. We’ve been sounding the alarm that Virginia’s law, which is one of the most restrictive in the nation, needs to be reformed. Perhaps someone will now listen.

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