Friday, August 24, 2007

Different country, same problems

In an article in the Edmonton Sun, a man in Canada describes his family’s struggle with his daughter’s schizophrenia:

"I've been dealing with this for years," says Grant, whose sister is also schizophrenic. With his daughter, he's endured countless sleepless nights, desperately trying to figure out where Candice has disappeared to, and waiting on tenterhooks for the teary phone call and plea to come get her.

When Candice refuses to take her medication, Grant is powerless to do anything about it. She is an adult, so he can't force her. In fact, he can't even get doctors to discuss her case with him, because that would be a violation of her privacy.

…But the laws don't seem to be working for his family, which is struggling to keep Candice safe when she needs protection, while at same time trying to allow her as much freedom and autonomy as the situation permits.