Thursday, September 20, 2007

Relief because he committed a crime

It’s hard to believe a mother would ever feel relief that her son committed a crime.

But that’s exactly what Joyce Blevins feels. Her son Glenn will finally be getting the treatment he needs for his schizophrenia now that he has been sent to a state institution for beating a man into unconsciousness.

As she told the Monterey County Herald, Joyce is sad for her son and his victim, but relieved the system will finally do what she's been asking for more than a decade.

We just wait for the call," Blevins said of parents of the mentally ill. "I always worried (Glenn would) kill a lot of people and himself."

The law had tied the hands of Joyce and mental health professionals.

"I did notify (authorities)," she said. "They did nothing. I'm glad (mental health officials) have been there ... but wasn't there more they could do?"
A mother feels relief because committing a crime means getting treatment. What kind of system requires criminal activity to get treatment for a severe mental illness?

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