Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"A system that is complex, confusing and dysfunctional..."

Excerpts from the Dolorosa Journal – a blog on mental illness:

In this day and age of the Americans with Disability Acts (ADA) it is inconceivable that a program would be in operation that would REQUIRE a sight and hearing impaired quadriplegic to navigate and manipulate stairs and intricate locked doors and gates in the process of access to receiving care for their physical afflictions. Yet this is the reality that many individuals suffering from mental illness perceive and experience as they long for help from their afflictions.

It is not always a matter of BEING WILLING to receive help and care. It is more often a matter of being ABLE TO ACCESS the care that is needed. When someone struggling with delusional, paranoid realities confronts a system that is complex, confusing and dysfunctional the result is often failure.

The inability to access is also fueled by the medically recognized factor of anosognosia, or the unawareness of the illness. To require someone to want care and help when they may not even realize their sickness or danger is uncaring if not absurd.

The streets, jails and morgues of our communities are no longer acceptable places of care for the mentally afflicted unable to access care.