Monday, December 17, 2007

TAC honors grassroots advocates

The board of directors of the Treatment Advocacy Center today announced that Karen Gherardini from Illinois, Janice DeLoof from California, and Jeanette Castello from Pennsylvania are the winners of its annual Torrey Advocacy Commendation.

“Individuals are the heart of the effort to reform and improve our nation’s mental illness treatment system,” said president Dr. E. Fuller Torrey. “The system will not change without the untiring fortitude of individuals like Karen, Janice, and Jeanette. Fighting the entrenched establishment, especially on an issue like real treatment for people with severe mental illnesses, is far from easy. But legislators cannot look impassioned family members in the face and deny the need for real reform. That is why their work is so critical, and why I am so proud TAC is recognizing these three tireless advocates. They are tenacious in their personal dedication and commitment to helping a group of people with few real champions.”

The TAC award recognizes the courage and tenacity of those who selflessly advocate – despite criticism and opposition – for the right to treatment for those who are so severely disabled by severe mental illnesses that they do not recognize that they need treatment.

The board of directors of the Treatment Advocacy Center voted unanimously to recognize these three outstanding advocates. More about the recipients...

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