Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A week of tragic consequences

The tragic consequences of untreated severe mental illness were evident across the country this week.

In Georgia, a 33-year-old man bludgeoned his girlfriend to death. Shannon Marrow has schizophrenia and had been in and out of treatment centers for years. He had recently stopped taking his medication

In Maryland, Timothy Hayes Marsh was fatally shot in the head. His sister says Marsh struggled with bipolar disorder for years, and had substance abuse problems from self-medicating. She suspects Hayes was in the midst of a drug deal when he was killed.

In New York, David Tarloff had been in and out of hospitals for years before he killed psychologist Kathryn Faughey. Tarloff has schizophrenia and relatives say he had recently stopped taking medication.

In Florida a mother has been declared insane and sent to a psychiatric hospital after she repeatedly stabbed her 5 year-old daughter. Olga Fererra has a history of mental illness including bipolar disorder and psychosis.

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