Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ten Major Problems

In Surviving Schizophrenia, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey writes, “Having the misfortune to be afflicted with schizophrenia brings with it many problems, both for those affected and for their families.  Of all those problems, 10 stand out as among the most common, the most persistent, and the most perplexing.”

They are:

  1. cigarettes and coffee
  2. alcohol and street drugs
  3. sex, pregnancy, and AIDS
  4. victimization
  5. confidentiality
  6. medication and noncompliance
  7. assisted treatment
  8. assaultive and violent behavior
  9. arrest and jail
  10. suicide

It is difficult enough to have to deal with schizophrenia and these 10 problems.  Unfortunately, laws and policies can make matters worse.  Specifically, many states put in place barriers to help people with schizophrenia enter into assisted treatment programs.  People need to know there are options for assisted treatment, no matter where they live.  Some states make these options easier, some make it more difficult.  Many resources can be found by visiting the Treatment Advocacy Center’s website.