Friday, August 08, 2008

Another Family Tragedy Strikes

He was described as a “ticking time bomb” by some family members.  Those who were related to Ronald Weed felt his schizophrenia would someday lead him to harm those closest to him.

Now the whole New Jersey family’s worst fear turned to grim reality. 

Weed is facing charges of killing his mother in her home and the stabbing of his 12-year-old twin nieces who were visiting their grandmother.

His family kept trying to get him help, but their options were limited and their hands tied by outdated New Jersey laws.  Weed had spent as much as six weeks in a psychiatric hospital.  When released he wouldn’t take his medication. 

The tragic story is all too common.  Without changes in New Jersey and other states laws to provide for assisted outpatient treatment, the risk of another tragedy occurring again is all too great.