Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dateline producer: "This is not tilting at windmills stuff"

From the blog entry of Dateline producer Lee Kamlet - Dateline will be airing a show on the Kendra Webdale story today, SATURDAY, JANUARY 20 at 8:00 pm EST:

On a damp, dreary day in January 1999, Kendra crossed paths with another New Yorker, a stranger named Andrew Goldstein. Kendra had made a last-minute decision to defy the rain, and take the subway to meet some friends. Andrew was going to take the same train home. Witnesses say Andrew stepped up to Kendra and asked the time. Then, just as the train pulled into the station, he stood behind Kendra, and with what one person called impeccable timing, shoved Kendra in front of the train. She died on the tracks.

The horrific story stunned not only New Yorkers, but the entire nation. What could have prompted someone to push a total stranger in front of the fast-moving train? To find the answer, Dateline spent 10 months investigating the story. We learned that Andrew Goldstein had quite a history ... [Read more ...]

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