Monday, April 23, 2007

A classic case of shooting the messenger

Thanks to United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) for demonstrating so aptly why they shouldn’t be taken seriously. USPRA’s response to the Va Tech tragedies “urges all media networks to avoid over generalizations about the link between mental illness and violence.” That’s right! God forbid the media educate the public about the risks of untreated mental illness so that tragedies can be prevented. Instead follow USPRA’s lead and deceive the public:

USPRA: “Violence is no more prevalent among individuals with mental illness than the general public”
Fact: The CATIE violence study found that patients with schizophrenia were 10 times more likely to engage in violent behavior than the general public (19.1% vs. 2% in the general population).

USPRA: “Public perceptions that violence is strongly associated with mental illness are fueled by graphic media reports of violent crimes.”
Fact: The media does not commit the violent acts. Public perceptions are formed by violent crimes spawned from the dangerous untreated symptoms of mental illness and USPRA should stop trying to intimidate the media into silence.

USPRA: “it is incredibly rare for someone with a mental illness to commit gross acts of violence, especially on such a scale as the Virginia Tech shootings”
Fact: Yes, the scale of the scale of the Va Tech shooting is rare because sadly, this was a record. But, half of all “rampage shootings” such as the one in Blacksburg are committed by mentally ill shooters.

USPRA should be ashamed!

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