Friday, September 28, 2007

Stop. Read. Think.

Liz Spikol gets respect around our offices because she seems to think about and weigh the issues surrounding mental illness treatment carefully. (Even telling visitors to "please do read the entire text of the bill before making any judgments, pro or con. I think people don't do that enough." Amen.)

For instance, on SB 226, a bill under consideration in Pennsylvania to change that state's treatment law, she writes:
As I've said before, I have concerns about this type of legislation, but on the whole, am in sympathy with its intent, which is to get severely ill people treatment when they desperately need it -- providing enough safeguards so people's rights will not be trampled. I know it's a tall order. Is Senate Bill 226 the answer? I can't say.

Of course, a kind word from us will probably make some distrust her. (Sorry Liz.) But we wish more people would stop the knee-jerk reactions and read ... and think ... a little more.

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