Friday, August 22, 2008

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Retiring New Mexico Senator Pete V. Domenici, a true champion for people with mental illness, will leave a lasting legacy to his work. 

The newly formed Domenici Public Policy Institute at New Mexico State University will continue to shine the light on needed mental health legislation that Sen. Domenici made a focal point of his career.  Among the Senate leader’s many efforts is his commitment to the Treatment Advocacy Center and ensuring people with severe mental illnesses receive the help they need. 

Sen. Domenici and his wife Nancy know first hand the importance of working on mental illness.  Like many others, they have a daughter who has had to deal with a mental illness.

“That put us in touch with families in the same situation,” Sen. Domenici recently told a New Mexico newspaper.  “And it puts us on a path of extraordinary involvement.”

He would know.  He has walked the walk.