Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pennsylvania advocates speak out

The Treatment Advocacy Center received the following email in response to our blog entry yesterday:

I'm not really sure how anyone who heard or read this story could walk away thinking that her son should just continue to live his life this way, just because that is his choice. There are services in his county, he doesn't want or need them though because he thinks he is fine.

As you'll see from others who testified [at a hearing in Pennsylvania for SB 226] some think that just adding services will solve the problem. All the services in the world are not going to benefit someone who refuses to accept them. Helping someone remain in treatment, however, may in time help them to regain the insight to take charge of their treatment. That's really all we're trying to accomplish with SB 226 for the small minority of people who need this type of assisted outpatient treatment for an initial period of six months, in order to be able to one day be doing well enough to live a healthy life in their community, moving forward in their own recovery.

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